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U-Vue Color Push Camera - UEMSI/HTV

UEMSI/HTV U-Vue Color Push Camera

UEMSI/HTV U-Vue Color Push Camera - New for 2016!

NEW for 2016, the U-Vue® by UEMSI/HTV® is a color push camera system that revolutionizes UEMSI/HTV's already highly-respected product line.

The U-Vue is American made and will soon become the industry standard for quality and durability.  Having ‘backwardsrsquo; compatibility, the U-Vue will work with almost any UEMSI/HTV push reel and camera head from the past 26 years.

With features like a Pelican™ case housing the monitor and control unit, a touchscreen DVR that records to a USB thumb drive or SD card, and available Wi-Fi for transferring files to a smart phone or tablet, you will have a system like no other.

Best of all, the entire monitor and control unit assembly is water resistant, so it can be used in wet weather without concern.


UEMSI/HTV U-Vue Color Push Camera


U-Vue: Equipped with everything in “Standard Features.”

U-Vue Ultra: Equipped with everything the U-Vue has, plus the Data Display III package.


Pro Eye Self-Leveling Color Camera Head:  This camera head automatically keeps the picture upright.

Tracker II Locator Package:  This package includes the Tracker II receiver, and the In-Line transmitter.

Data Display III Package:  This package includes a mini-keyboard to add on-screen text, and an on-screen digital footage counter.  Footage is accurately measured using a measure wheel instead of being calculated by reel revolution.  This package is standard on the U-Vue Ultra.

Wi-Fi SD Card:  This allows transferring U-Vue files to a smart phone or tablet.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery Pack:  When AC power isn’t available, and your vehicle can’t be close enough for its 12 volt power supply, the built-in rechargeable battery pack will run the U-Vue system.


Pelican™ is a trademark of Pelican Products, Inc.

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