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Vehicle-Mount Message Signs by TRAFCON

TRAFCON vehicle-mounted traffic control message board

TRAFCON Dynamic, Vehicle Mounted Traffic Control Equipment

Completely Mobile PCMS (Portable Changeable Message Sign)

MB-ADS models combine the flexibility of real-time, dynamic messaging with complete mobility. The result is a family of signs with a universal mounting system designed for trucks and vans that can be customized for a wide range of vehicle makes and styles.

TRAFCON’s MB-ADS PCMS can be configured as 3x2, 4x2, 5x2, 6x2 or 4x3. As needs change, BRICKs can be added or removed. Once attached to the truck, the sign can be easily lowered or raised with a single push of a button. A variety of factory paint colors are available to match your vehicle!

Arrow Dynamic Sign® (ADS) Features

The Arrow Dynamic Sign® (ADS) combines the positive attributes of both an arrowboard and a dynamic message sign. You can combine the clarity of a text message with the impact of graphic message. The convenience and flexibility enables the user to program the sign to fit various applications.

Sign Case

Message Display

Control System & Circuitry

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