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TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer by ATCP Physical Engineering

TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer

The TRZ Horn Analyzer is a high-tech device dedicated to tuning, frequency analysis, and testing of power ultrasonic transducers, horns (sonotrodes), and correlated devices.  The TRZ is for these elements as an oscilloscope is for the electronics.

With the TRZ, the transducers and sonotrodes become just as measurable and adjustable as any other device.

The TRZ Horn Analyzer determines the operation frequency of the item to be tested and its impedance and current with the touch of a button.  It’s quick and easy.  With this quick and easily retrieved information, the user can perform the quality control of transducers, tuning of sonotrodes and ultrasonic horns, preventive and corrective maintenance of acoustic sets, and much more.  (Please see TRZ Applications.)

TRZ Applications
The TRZ with examples of ultrasonic transducers for cutting,
welding, dental scalers, cleaning and physiotherapy.
Click on the image to watch the video presentation of TRZ technique.

The proper frequency and impedance adjust is indispensable for all ultrasonic devices.  The frequency depends mainly on dimensions (e.g.: length of the sonotrode) and the impedance of the quality of material used, assembly, and coupling of the acoustic sets’ parts.  Deviations indicate the need for fine tuning, cleaning, re-gripping or re-assembly.

Advantages and Benefits

Usage Guidelines

To operate, the TRZ Horn Analyzer requires only a power outlet of 127 or 220 VAC (50-60 Hz).  After connected, simply connect the transducer to the test probe, select the type of transducer, and order the measure.  The result is shown on a display with backlight and high contrast.  To repeat the test, simply press the "Start" button again.

Types of Transducers and the Equipment Characteristics

The equipment has 27 pre-configured transducers, 09 of welding system, 16 of cleaning and 02 of dental scalers.  Additional settings can be incorporated according to the customer's needs.

For the tuning of sonotrodes it is necessary to couple it with a transducer.

The TRZ Horn Analyzer is also suitable for the determining of the impedance of other piezoelectric devices such as sensors, accelerometers and actuators.

Features of the instrument for ranges from 5 to 100 kHz and from 50 Ω to 20 KΩ

Parameters Minimum Maximum Units (mm)
Frequency range: 1 200 kHz
Impedance range |Z|: 0.1 999k Ohms
Frequency accuracy: ±0.05 - %
Impedance accuracy*: ±3 - %
*Uncertainty values at 10 kHz for the range from 0.1 kΩ to 10kΩ purely resistive.

Principle of Operation - Advanced Information

The TRZ Horn Analyzer measures the module of impedance as a function of frequency, applying a sinusoidal signal of constant amplitude and monitoring the current flowing through the device under test as a function of frequency.  The signal frequency is changed in scan mode in the range of interest discretized in a certain number of points.  After scanning, an algorithm of the embedded software detects the frequency of resonance and anti-resonance and their impedances.

In the case of ultrasonic transducers for cut and welding and for dental scalers, the values presented on the display correspond to the anti-resonance.  For the cleaning transducers and tanks, the values corresponds to the resonance.

Impedance curve
The impedance curve versus frequency for a welding acoustic set with the frequencies of resonance and anti-resonance indicated.

The frequencies are identified through an algorithm that searches the points with zero derivatives, which in turn occur at resonance (a local minimum) and at anti-resonance (a local maximum).  Around these points a polynomial interpolation is performed in order to have greater accuracy than provided by the discretization.  Additionally, in the case of the option cleaning tank, an algorithm of moving average is applied to smooth the curve and to obtain an average value in the region where the resonances of the various transducers of the tank occur.

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