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Rochester Industrial Services
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Municipal / Commercial Equipment Sales & Service

Factory Authorized Sales and Service

Municipal, Commercial, and Highway Equipment

RIS Industrial Group

Pipe, Cable, and Underground Material Locators

SubSurface Instruments, Inc.

Subsurface object locators

  • PVC Pipe Locators
  • Magnetic Locators
  • Pipe and Cable Locators

RIS Industrial Group
Shure Star

Factory and Warehouse Collision Avoidance Systems

Shure Star

Saves lives, saves money!

  • Flashing signs, audible alerts, domes
  • ICS Intersection Caution Systems
  • VCS Vehicle Caution Systems

RIS Industrial Group

Traffic Control Arrow Boards & Message Signs

TRAFCON Industries, Inc.

Solar, Diesel, Gas, and Electric

  • Portable Changeable Message Signs
  • Trailer Mount & Vehicle Mount
  • Available Eco-friendly Solar Powered

RIS Industrial Group

Pipeline Inspection and Sewer Cleaning Equipment


Viewing & Recording Systems

  • Sewer Cleaning Hose and Equipment
  • Lateral Inspection Systems
  • Main Line Inspection Systems
Component level electronic repair
RIS: A World-Class Facility...
  • Over 46 years of experience serving our Customers
    in New York, the United States, all across the globe.
  • Thousands and Thousands of Products sold to date!
  • Thousands of New and Re-man products available.
  • Yes, definitely Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Rochester Industrial Services - Proud to be American!
Ultrasonic Welder Repairs gives you the works - Not Band-Aids®

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